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Last Updated on 23.05.2017 - 03:38 PM
As reported last week the appointment orders for the JTOs have been issued in two batches. The pending TBP orders also issued by the Administration. The TBP order for many executives are pending for want of APARs/ACRs and Disciplinary Certificates and the list is available in Chennai Intranet(18.05.2017). Kindly ensure the APARs/ACRs are reached Administration so as to issue the TBP order soon. The LICE JTO result would be declared in a day or two.

Indefinite Relay Hunger Strike and Work According to Rule from 29.05.2017.
The agitation programs deferred till 28.05.2017 will restart on 29.05.2017 as there are not much improvement in DoT on the standard pay scale issues. The DO letter from CMD/BSNL is just processed but still pending with Jt Sec(A)/DoT for more than one week. Officers in DoT is not serious to correct the mistake even though BSNL management has taken a positive stand on E2 and E3 scales.  

Similarly for the issues pertaining to BSNL, not much progress has been made except for some movement of files and lining up the action plan on the issues. So we have to resume the agitation programs from where we left.

Unfortunately some Assn is playing very negative role in this regard simply ignoring the larger interest of the cadre. This has exposed them and given everybody the answer to the question why they backed out from the agitation under the banner of JF. Their stand will really help the AS(T) and other officers in DoT who are working overtime to demote the cadres to E1 and E2. Approach each and every Executive and explain the negative campaign by the Assn against E2 and E3. Hurdles are being created in the resolutions of Pay, Promotion and Pension issues by engaging and demoralizing the officers dealing with issues in baseless allegations. All this is being done just with the intent of derailing the settlement of issues. However, ignoring such mindset, let us all concentrate on the program right now and make each executive of BSNL to join the agitation from 29.05.2017. It is our responsibility to convince the members of other Assn, especially thousands of JAOs, AOs etc who are facing demotion and make them to join the agitation.
Comrades, through very tough agitation only we can reverse the DoT decision and resolve the burning HR issues. Make all preparations by conducting emergency combined general body meeting of the JF at Branch/SSA level in the remaining few days and gear up for the Indefinite Relay Hunger Strike and Work according to Rule from 29.05.2017.

Combined Executive Committee meeting at SSA/Circle level also should be convened at the earliest, even during the agitation for making the agitation programmes successful.

CP,CS,ACS Com.P.Charles met DGM(HR/Admn) on 16.05.2017 and discussed the following issues:
1. Issuance of Appointment orders for JTOs:
DGM(HR&A) replied the file is submitted for approval and the orders would be issued in a day or two.
2. Declaration of results of LICE JTO and sending to training:
DGM(HR&A) replied that the file is under process and the result would be declared by this week end and the letter to Training centre Jabalpur would also be sent by this week end.
3. Clearance of Pending TBP order:
We informed to DGM(HR/A) many TBP order for Executives are pending and the system should be streamlined. We also informed that on many occasions the APARs/ACRs and DC are repeatedly asked from the field units, even after receipt of the same by the Administration. We requested to strengthen the unit and streamline the procedure. DGM(HR/A) assured to look into it.
4. Forwarding of APARs to BSNLCO.:
We requested to speed up the procedure to sent APARs to BSNL CO for the SDE to DE promotion. DGM(HR/A) assured to speed the procedure.
5. Vigilance Clearance of JTOs for JTO to SDE promotion:
We informed to DGM(HR/A) that BSNL CO has asked to send VC for the promotion from JTO to SDE. DGM(HR/A) assured to send in time.
6. Forwarding the details of TBP:
BSNL CO asked to send the details of TBP upgradation periodicity ie 4 years, 4-5 years, 5-6 years and 6 years. DGM(HR/A) assured to send the details at the earliest.

Dear comrades,
As per Joint Forum agitation call, Lunch hour demonstration will be held on 18.05.2017 and 25.05.2017 at O/o CGM, Chennai Telephones. All the comrades are requested to participate and prepare the ground level activity for the agitation program w.e.f 29.05.2017.

Forwarding of APARs for the year 2015-16 for the promotion from SDE(T) to AGM on Regular/Adhoc basis. The APARs of DE(LA) and SDEs in the list no.5, 6 and 7 are to be sent to BSNL CO. The DSs are requested to ensure the APARs as requested by Administration is sent at the earliest.


In view of the very positive discussions held on 04.05.2017 and 05.05.2017 and the assurance from management to continue the discussions on all the HR issues on weekly basis till the issues are resolved, JF Forum of BSNL Executives Associations decided to defer the Relay Hunger Strike from Monday onwards at BSNL HQ and Circle HQs till 28.05.2017. The Work According to Rule, Non cooperation and Relay Hunger strike at SSA HQs also deferred till 28.05.2017.

The DO letter from CMD, BSNL to Secretary DoT to review the PO dated 28.03.2017 is under process in DoT. Management arranged a combined meeting of JF and BSNL management in the Hon Ministers Office next week to explain the issue. Afterwards management is arranging a meeting with Secretary, DoT also in this regard.

On other HR issues, actions will be initiated from Monday onwards and discussions will be continued from Monday. Director HR shall be reviewing the progress every week.

If the standard pay scales of E2 and E3 are not approved by DoT by 28.05.2017 and progress is not there in the HR issues as assured, our agitation programmes will be resumed and intensified w.e.f 29.05.2017 with the following programmes.

29.05.2017 onwards: Indefinte Relay Hunger Strike and Work According to Rule.

If any negative developments happening in between, these agitation programmes will stand preponed accordingly.

To keep the momentum and mobilization at all levels, the following programs will be observed in the intervening period.

08th to 28th May: Executives will perform duty by wearing demand badges.

Every Tuesday (09th, 16th & 23rd May): Executives will work without taking Lunch, in protest.

Every Thursday (11th, 18th and 25th May): Lunch Hour demonstration at CHQ/Circle/SSA level. 

BSNL, Chennai Telephones has issued posting orders for the regular AGMs on promotion to the grade of Adhoc DGMs. Once again we congratulate all the DGMs on their new assignment and bring the Chennai Telephones to glory.

The long waiting DE to DGM(Adhoc) promotion orders issued today. 438 DE/AGMs have been promoted ad DGM(Adhoc). In Chennai Telephones 31 DE/AGMs have been promoted of which 24 have been retained in Chennai and 7 posted outside.
View the order and list

Dear comrades,
The JF, Chennai Telephones has revised its earlier decision of conducting indefinite RHS at various locations, based on the JF/CHQ decisions. Hence the indefinite Relay Hunger Strike from 01st May 2017 would be held at O/o CGM, Chennai Telephones and the timing would be from 0930 hrs to 1730 hrs. The JF Executives are requested to participate the RHS and strengthen our unity and struggle.

Joint Forum, Chennai Telephones Congratulates all the Executives who have joined their hands in the MASS CASUAL LEAVE on 28.04.2017 for protecting JTO/JAO and SDE/AO cadres from demotion, for protecting the status and dignity of the cadres. Hundreds of Executives, irrespective of Association affiliation supported the agitation.

The 72 Hours Day and Night Relay Hunger Strike from 1000 Hrs of 25.04.2017 to 1000 Hrs of 28.04.2017 become a big success due to the Unity among the Executives. Irrespective of membership, large number of Executives joined the Relay Hunger Strike under the banner of JF. The resentment against the DoT on the rejection of standard pay scales of E2 and E3, non approval of HR issues in the Board, non settlement of HR issues in BSNL was clearly visible among the Executives. Most of the Executives observed hunger strike atleast one day. Congratulations to each and every one of them.
The RHS was formally inaugurated by Senior leader Com.V.Sundar on 25.04.2017@1000hrs and addressed the gathering.

Senior leader Com.M.Munuswamy addressed the gathering on 28.04.2017. Com.M.Kanniappan CS/BSNLEU and Com.Natarajan CP/BSNLEU and other office bearers of BSNLEU addressed during the RHS on 27.04.2017.

The RHS was formally concluded by senior leader Com.Sukumar Ex.AGS/SNEA on 28.04.2017@1000 hrs.

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SNEA, Chennai Telephones wishes all the staff who retire today on superannuation. Our special wishes to Com.P.Sam Sugirtharaj DGM NWO-CM, Com.Renukadevi Sugumaran AGM S&M-CFA,Com. K.Thangavelu SDE(LA) KKN Extl and Com.Lakshmi Muralidharan JTO CSC CTO. We wish all of them a Happy, Peaceful and Healthy retired life.
P.Sam Sugirtharaj DGM NWO-CM was felicitated by ACS Com.P.Charles during the retirement party held on 29.04.2017 at R.K.Nagar. His service in CM wing is very commendable. He is very sincere and dedicated officer. We wish him a Happy,Peaceful and healthy retired life.

Com. K.Thangavelu SDE(LA) KKN Extl was felicitated by Com.A.Ayub Khan Area Secretary during the retirement party held on 29.04.2017 at K.K.Nagar. He is also very sincere and dedicated officer. We wish him a Happy,Peaceful and healthy retired life.

Dear comrades,
All the Executives are requested to apply C/L on 28.04.2017 and register your support for the ongoing agitation.

72 hours Relay Hunger Strike from 10 am, tomorrow.

MASS CL ON 28.04.2017.

Indefinite Relay Hunger Strike and Work According to Rule from 01st May.

The agitation to protect the Cadre from demotion, struggle for justified E2 and E3 pay scales is starting from tomorrow...
The pay scales of all the Executives recruited after 01.01.2007 either through direct rect or promotion (2007, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016 batch JTOs and JAOs) will be decided by the agitation. The pay scales of the future rects and the recent LICE JTOs also will be decided by this. Other HR issues promotions, Superannuation benefits,  pay parity, first TB promotion, E1A and E2A from 01.01.2007, cancellation of DGM and MT RR etc are equally important.
Join the agitation programs irrespective of membership. Success of this agitation programs will decide our future. Gear up for the toughest struggle till the issues are settled.

All the Associations are joined or supporting the agitation.

The Chennai Joint Forum of BSNL Executives Associations meeting held on 22.04.2017 at Flower Bazaar exchange. Com.C.Olly VP/SNEA welcomed all and explained about the struggle notice. The following office bearers have attended the meeting:
1.Com.M.K.Veerapandian CP/SNEA
2. Com.Jaimurugan CP/AIGETOA
3.Com.A.Shunmuga Sundara Rajan CS/SNEA
4.Com.S.Umachandran CS/AIGETOA
5.Com.Adi Govind CS/TSOA
6.Com. G.Elavarasan CTr/SNEA
7.Com. Venkatravaniah OS/TSOA
8.Com. A.Vasanthakumar ACS/SNEA
9.Com.S.Radhakrishnan ACS/SNEA
10.Com.A.Raju AS/SNEA
11.Com.S.Ganesan AS/SNEA
12.Com.L.Venugopal AS/SNEA
13.Com.A.Ayub Khan AS/SNEA
14.Com.S.Gunasekar OS/AIGETOA
15.Com.Arulgnanam OS/AIGETOA
16. Com.K.Prakash ACS/AIGETOA
17.Com. Kishore OS/AIGETOA
The following important decisions taken during the meeting for the successful implementation of Relay Hunger Strike and other programs:
Desk to Desk campaigning on 24.04.2017 at Major buildings
All the Circle Office Bearers, Divisional Office Bearers, CEC Members and CWC Members should apply leave for the 3 days(25.04.17 to 27.04.17) and present in the Relay Hunger Strike. All the office bearers and members should also apply C/L on 28.04.2017. One third of the division strength should participate on each day by availing leave.
The RHS will be performed by two batches per day, ie
Batch 1 : 25.04.17@1000 hrs to 25.04.17@2200 hrs
Batch 2 : 25.04.17@2200 hrs to 26.04.17@1000 hrs
Batch 3: 26.04.17@1000 hrs to 26.04.17@2200 hrs
Batch 4: 26.04.17@2200 hrs to 27.04.17@1000 hrs
Batch 5: 27.04.17@1000 hrs to 27.04.17@2200 hrs
Batch 6: 27.04.17@2200 hrs to 28.04.17@1000 hrs
The Relay Hunger Strike will be formly inaugurated and completed by senior comrades. All the Executives are requested to participate the closing of the RHS on 28.04.17@1000 hrs. Com.Adi Govind conveyed Vote of thanks.
All the Executives are requested to participate in all the struggle and ensure the victory.