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Last Updated on 18.11.2017 - 01:02 PM
Marketing branch meeting was held on 17.11.2017 at Annroad. CP,VP, CS and CTr attended the meeting. Almost all the Marketing branch members have attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Com.M. Thirumurthy Kumar DGM (S&M-CM). The following members have been unanimously elected as office bearers for the next term:
1. Com.M. Thirumurthy Kumar    DGM (S&M-CM)     President
2. Com.V.S.Srinivasan            AGM(S&M-CFA)     Vice-President
3. Com.S.Murugesan              SDE(PV-North)      Secretary
4. Com. Venkatesh                SDE(CC)            Asst.Secretary
5. Com.S.Akshaya                 JTO               Treasurer

During the meeting it was emphasized by all the members that generally leave is not sanctioned by the competent authority even for minimum periods. Restriction on foreign countries visit once in a two-year was also discussed. CS in his address explained in detail the CPSU cadre hierarchy proposal, status of 3rd PRC and development of E2 / E3 pay scale issue. CS informed the house the issues raised by the members would be taken with the concern. Vote of thanks delivered by Com.S.Murugesan BS.

CS handed over the welfare aid cheque of Rs. One Lakh to wife of Shri.Sankaran SDE. CS and CTr went to their house on 16.11.2017 to hand over the cheque.

The Human Chain Rally of All Unions and Associations of BSNL, demanding 3rd PRC, scheduled on 16.11.2017 is postponed to 23.11.2017.


Fourth CEC meeting held on 09.11.2017 at SNEA Bhawan, Chennai.

Com.M.K.Veerapandian CP welcomed all and presided over the meeting.

Circle Office Bearers, Divisional Secretaries, CWC Member and CEC Members attended the meeting. Sr. leader Com N.Chitti Babu also attended and greeted.  

CS presented his report. After a brief discussion the report was adopted by the house.

CS explicitly explained the CPSU cadre hierarchy proposals. The proposal was discussed in detail and the house suggested certain modifications in the proposals. A Resolution was passed accordingly to be taken up with CHQ.

The CEC decided to conduct next Circle Conference within a period of six months. It was also decided to make structural changes in the existing organizational setup in accordance with constitutional requirements. House decided to form Six Districts and to accommodate all the existing divisional branches into these six Districts as Branches.

A three member ad-hoc body for each of these Districts have been nominated. These nominated office bearers would take all necessary steps to conduct district conferences immediately and formalize the decision.

The proposed 6 Districts are Central, South, North, West, Circle Office and GSM.

The existing Divisional branches would be accommodated into these Districts as below:

Central District:
1. Annaroad
2. Haddows Road
3. Mambalam
4. Adyar
North District:
1. Flower Bazaar
2. Annanagar
3. Ambattur
4. Kalmandapam
5. Kellys(Madavaram)
South District:
1. St.Thomas Mount
2. Chromepet
3. Chengelpet
West District:
1. Kodambakkam
2. K.K.Nagar
3. Kanchipuram
4. Tiruvallur
Circle Office District:
1. CGM Office
2. Enterprise Business
3. Marketing
5. Inspection Circle (Raj Bhavan)
GSM District:

The present GSM division would be converted into branches and accommodated under this District.

1. GSM Flower Bazaar
2. GSM R.K.Nagar
3. GSM Haddows Road
4. GSM K.K.Nagar

Members nominated for the District Adhoc Committees are:


 1 President: Com. Nithya Viswaroopananda S, SDE CO SE Mambalam
2 Secretary: Com. Raju K, JTO Kotturpuram
3 Treasurer: Com. Umamaheswari R, JTO CSC Greams Road

4 President: Com. Murugu Tamilarasan S, SDE CO Annanagar
5 Secretary: Com. Suresh A S, SDE FBR Extl
6 Treasurer: Com. Muthamilan M ,SDE 5ESS Madhavaram

7 President: Com. Raman R, SDE Anupuram
8 Secretary: Com. Ganesan K, SDE STM Extl
9 Treasurer: Com. Pandian S, SDE Tambaram TXM

10 President: Com. Venugopal L, JTO Vadapalani Extl
11 Secretary: Com. Senthil Kumar S, SDE Uthiramerur
12 Treasurer: Com. Ayub Khan A, SDE KKN TXM

13 President: Com. Chander M, AGM S&M-CM
14 Secretary: Com. Jayaraj M, SDE EB
15 Treasurer: Com. Mahesh R, SDE RTTC

16 President: Com. Venkaraman R, AGM WLL CDMA FBR
17 Secretary: Com. Rajesh P, SDE GSM OMCR

18 Treasurer: Com. Krishnakumar M V, SDE Tech GSM

The following issues were discussed during the meeting:

  • Requirement of JTOs/SDEs/DEs for various units
  • Pending TBP for JTOs/SDEs
  • Requirement of cable tracer
  • Non-payment of security agency bills
  • Non-finalization of House-keeping tender for CPT areas
  • Adequate splicing team for TXI wing
  • Posting of Accounts personal at RTTC
  • SMS alert for Ty.Advance transactions
  • Exemption of RTTC faculty members from transfer
  • Non-availability of Riggers
  • Maintenance of GSM power plants at telephone Exchanges
  • Unable to book on-line complaint of ZTE BTS/Node-Bs

CS informed that the issues would be taken up with the GMs concerned and would be addressed for early resolution.
Vote of thanks delivered by Com.P.Charles ACS.

07-11-2017 CS handed over welfare aid of Rs.One Lakh cheque to Mrs.Tamizhvendan SDE on 02.11.2017.

CS,CTr,Com.A.Vasanthakumar ACS and Com.K.Murali CEC Member attended a meeting with the JTO Phase-I trainees on 02.11.2017 at RTTC, M.M.Nagar. Com.R.Mahesh DS RTTC gave welcome address. CS,CTr and Com.A.Vasanthakumar ACS addressed the gathering. CS  on his address explained various struggles and achievements of  SNEA( JETA /JTOA/TEOA). Com.A.Vetrivel DP rendered vote of thanks.

Chennai Telephones`s All Unions and Associations meeting held on 01.11.2017 at Flower bazzar. Most of the CSs from Unions and Associations have attended. As decided in the earlier meeting held on 16.10.2017 at FBR, the human chain rally would start from Annaroad Exchange. Other issues could not be discussed, since there were difference of opinion among the leaders in inviting the SEWA BSNL leadership.

GSM Division AGB meeting held on 27.10.2017 at Flower Bazzar Exchange. The meeting was presided over by Com.A.V.Srinivasan AGM LEA. The meeting was attended by CP,CS,CTr,ACSs Com.P.Charles, Com.A.Vasanthakumar & Com.S.Radhakrsihnan and Com.D.Soundarajan AS. Com.R.Kalaimaran DS submitted his report and Com.S.Padmagreeswaran DTr submitted the financial report. During the meeting Com.M.K.Veerapandian CP was felicitated. The following members have been elected unanimously for the next term.
1. Com.Venkatraman AGM WLL FBR      President
2. Com. Muthukumar SDE BSS STM      Vice President
3. Com.P.Rajesh SDE OMCR HRD        Secretary
4. Com.Soundara Pandian JTO BSS TBM  Asst. Secretary
5. Com.Krishnakumar   SDE Tech         Treasurer
Executive Members:
1. Com.K.Bharath SDE RF KKN
2. Com Raghuraman SDE BSS KLY
3. Com. Selvam SDE BSS RKN
4. Com.S.Ramesh Babu SDE Infra Billing R.K.Nagar.
During the meeting CS felicitated Com.R.Kalaimaran DS who got transfered to TN Circle on request. CS appreciated the effort made by Com.R.Kalaimaran to increase the member strength in GSM division.
The issues raised by the members during the meeting were:
1. Duties of BSS Engineers
2. Non-availability of tools like Laptop/LMT Software, etc
3. Non-availability of Riggers
4. Insufficient man power supply by M/s ZTE
5. Non-availability of on-line fault booking for M/s ZTE BTSs/Node-Bs
6. Non-availability of ZTE spares
Vote of thanks delivered by Com.Rajesh DS

Chengelpet Divisional Conference(AGB) held on 25.10.2017 at Chengelpet Exchange. Com.T.N.Mohana president presided over the meeting. CP,VP,CS, ACSs Com.P.Charles & A.Vasanthakumar and CEC Member K.Murali attended and addressed the meeting. Senior comrade V.Sundar also attended and addressed the gathering. Divisional Leaders from BSNLEU,NFTE,SEWA and ATM also attended and addressed the meeting. Com.S.Jayakumar DS submitted the divisional report and Com.S.Rajkumar DTr submitted the financial report. Retired comrades M.K.Veerapandian CP and C.Olly VP were felicitated during the AGB. All the SNEA COBs and divisional leaders of other unions were also felicitated. Nice arrangement was made by Com.S.Jayakumar DS, Com.R.Raman CEC Member, Com.S.Rajkumar DTr and Com.Jagan JTO CPT Intl. The following members have been unanimously elected as office bearers for the next term:

1) Com.T.N.Mohana SDE CSC CPT           President
2) Com.Palanivel SDE Melmaruvathur         Vice President
3) Com.S.Rajkumar JTO Kalpakkam          Secretary
4) Com.Puzhalendhi JTO MDK                Asst. Secretary
5) Com.Jagan JTO CPT Intl                 Treasurer
6) Com.P.C.Deepthi JTO ANU               Organizing Secretary
Executive Memebers:
1) Com.Selvakumar JTO MBP
2) Com.Subashree JTO MMN
3) Com.Jamshed Ali JTO CPT
4) Com. Thangarani JTO NVR

During the meeting all the members expressed the stress is more due to work pressure. The DEs/SDEs/JTOs are pressurized to book one LL connection daily at any cost. Due to the unnecessary pressure the Executives are  submitting their Voluntary Retirement Applications. Members informed that there is no provision of AMC for power plants, Engine Alternator, A/C units etc for the Exchanges. Allotment of stores also very meager than the required quantity. Requirement of vehicle for Madhurantam division also one of the demand of the Executives.
CS during his address explained in detail about the latest status of 3rd PRC, E2/E3 scales and other demands of JF. CS also explained the status of CPSU cadre hierarchy. CS informed to the members the AMC issue will be discussed with GM(S). CS informed that GM(S) agreed to allot vehicle to Madhurantam division, as it was decided during our agenda meeting with CGM.  The allotment of stores will be discussed with PGM(D). Vote of thanks delivered by Com.S.Jayakumar SDE ACK.

Circle Executive Committee Meeting notified on 09th November 2017 at SNEA Bhavan. All the Divisional Secretaries, Circle Office Bearers and CEC Members are requested to attend.

SNEA, Chennai Telephones Wishes Happy Diwali to All

All Unions and Associations of BSNL`s Lunch hour demonstration held on 16.10.2017 at O/o CGM,Chennai Telephones demanding wage revision (3rd PRC) and against formation of Tower subsidiary company.. All the CSs of AUABSNL addressed the gathering. On behalf of SNEA Com.P.Charles ACS addressed the gathering. Despite rain many comrades have participated the demonstration.

In the evening, Chennai Telephones AUABSNL`s meeting held at Flower bazzar and decided further course of action for successful implementation of Human Chain rally on 16.11.2017, two days Strike on 12.12.2017 and 13.12.2017 and
Submission of memorandum to Hon.MPs.

14th COB meeting held on 09.10.2017 at Annaroad. CP welcomed all and presided over the meeting. CS explained in details the developments after the last COB. CS in his address informed the latest developments on CPSU Cadre Hierarchy and other CHQ matters. During the meetings it was decided to print Diary 2018 and CEC meeting during 2nd week of November. Vote of thanks delivered by Com.A.Vasanthakumar ACS.

Com.A.Shunmugasundararajan Circle Secretary SNEA Ch.TD, Com.I.M.Venkataraaman, CWC Member, Com.P.Shanmugasundaram DS Civil along with Com.G.Kannan and Com.B.Vasan met Shri.S.Chellappan, PCE (C) 07.10.2017 and greeted him on his promotion as of PCE (C), TN Civil Zone. CS/SNEA,Ch.TD felicitated Shri.S.Chellappan PCE(C).