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Messages updated during the month of  Apr 2019


Dear comrades,
As decided in the CEC meeting held on 03.04.2019, the Circle Conference date is finalized during the COB meeting held on 15.04.2019. The Circle Conference date is 30.05.2019 and 31.05.2019 and same is notified. Pre-Conference CEC meeting will be held on 29.05.2019@1000 hrs at SNEA, Bhawan.

During the COB meeting the following committees have been formed:

I. Reception Committee: Chairman-Com.S.Radhakrishnan ACS
1. A.S.Suresh DS North
2. C.Olly VP
3. Buddhadev Gantayat Area Secretary
4. R.Raman DS South
5. S.Agilavani BS CMT
6. Jayanthi Gopalan BS RKN GSM
7. L.Sriram BS AMB
8. K.Ravichandran BS ANR
9. A.K.Suresh Babu BS MBM

II. Food Committee     : Chairman-Com.A.Vasanthakumar ACS
1. M.Selvaraj CEC Member
2. L.Venugopal Area Secretary
3. S.Boobalan BS FBR
4. K.Murali CEC Member
5. A.Ayub Khan Area Secretary
6. P.Rajesh DS GSM
7. Muthukrishnan BS ADY
8. P.Karthikeyan BS ARD
9. S.Balakrishnan BS INSP
10. D.Rajkumar BS CPT
11. Selvam Kannappan BS KCM
12. Kamal BS TVR

III.Transport Committee : Chairman--Com.G.K.Saravanan CWC Member
1. D.Soundarajan Area Secretary
2. K.Raju DS Central
3. Ganesan Area Secretary
4. R.Kalaiselvan BS HRD
5. S.Kumar BS KAL
6. P.Bhaskaran BS CGM Office
7. G.Venkatesh BS KKN

IV. Stage(Event) Committee : Chairman--Com.P.Charles ACS.
1. M.Jayaraj Area Secretary
2. S.Senthilkumar DS West
3. M.Purushothaman DS Circle Office
4. N.Gopal Rao BS KLY
5. S.Prathabkumar BS EB
6. S.Bharath BS HRD GSM
7. M.Hemlal BS KKN GSM
8. D.Thirunavukarasu BS FBR GSM

All the Branches are requested to conduct meetings and elect delegates as per our constitution. Branch/District resolutions should reach to CS on or before 10.05.2019 to include in the circle conference.

All the Circle Office Bearers/CWC/CEC Members/District/Branch Secretaries are ex-officio delegates sharing the voting strength of the District/Branch to which they belong.

The number of delegates to be elected shall be computed on the basis of one for every 15 paid up members or part thereof being not less than 10 subject to a minimum of one per Branch.